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By on 80

The Epson EH-LS100 is an extremely competent projector. Amongst its many strengths are a very bright picture, ultra-short-throw capability and that relatively maintenance-free laser.Your £2700 can buy a better image – and 4K projectors are starting to...

By on 100

If you're designing a media room, or looking for an unobtrusive large screen display in a large open space, then the EH-LS100 is a great choice. Sure, you can get 4K projectors these days for less than the cost of the EH-LS100, but it offers something...

By Home Theater Review on 70

I'm really struggling to render a final verdict on the LS100. It's not like this is the first home-entertainment-oriented projector that I've reviewed, but most of the others I've auditioned are priced around $1,500 or (much) less. The LS100's $3,000...

By on 80

Not every house has the space for a traditional projector, but the LS100 will sit almost anywhere you could fit a TV. It's bright enough to watch during the day, without having to draw the curtains first, and the laser light source won't need replacing...

By TechRadar on 80

The EH-LS100 is a pain-free way to bring giant images into larger rooms. If you're lucky enough to have a space that makes even 65-inch TVs look relatively small, it's a spectacular solution. The provision of a laser light source removes the spectre of...

By on 70

The Epson EH-LS100 is an interesting product for a number of reasons but primarily because it offers laser projection at a previously unthinkable price point. As a result consumers who want the big screen experience of a projector but also crave the...

By ProjectorCentral on 90

The Epson LS100 is one of a rare new breed of home theater projectors that combine high quality video processing, Full HD resolution, the long operational life of laser technology, and the ease and convenience of ultra short throw. While the three...

By on

The Epson EH-LS100 is a very useful home theatre projector, with its long life and virtually zero maintenance requirements, while its ultra-short-throw design looks to us to make it an excellent fit for many a home.Epson EH-LS100 ultra-short-throw...

By Trusted Reviews on

This is one review sample I'm particularly looking forward to receiving ahead of its November launch. This level of picture performance – in ambient light no less – is just the sort of kick the projection world needs. Watch this...

International Review By on 80

Mit Laser als langlebigem Leuchtmittel und dem vergleichsweise geringen Platzbedarf bei ungleich größerer Bilddiagonale ist der EH-LS100 der ideale Ersatz für ein großes schwarzes Rechteck namens Fernseher. Nur die Fernbedienung ist im Wohnzimmer ein...

International Review By Les Numériques on 60

Très attendu sur le segment des vidéoprojecteurs ultra-courte focale, l'Epson EH-LS100 est un valeureux compagnon du quotidien grâce à sa forte luminosité et son silence en mode Éco. Malheureusement, en raison d'un contraste anémique et d'une...