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  • Some of the Strangest Dystopias in Gaming

    The future is scary and, according to these 15 dystopias in video games, it's going to get a lot stranger before things get better.

    By N.Ho Sang and Peter Tieryas on

  • The State of Mining: Guide to Ethereum

    If you've ever tried getting into cryptocurrencies, you were probably met with a barrage of technical terms and buzzwords. I heard I can make easy money by mining on my home computer; how does that work? Why are there so many types of coins? How do I get started buying and selling cryptocurrencies? In this article we'll focus on the state of mining, exploring the practical side of it, as we hopefully demystify some of the world of digital currencies.

    By William Gayde on

  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mini-Test

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds pre-release build has been available since March, and by the first month it had sold well over a million copies. So the game is popular, but it's also known for not being greatly optimized. I've been messing around with a few CPU and GPU combinations over the past week, seeing which hardware deliver the most value.

    By Steven Walton on

  • E3 2017 Trailer Roundup: Upcoming PC Games

    As this year's E3 unfolds, so do new trailers for upcoming games. Expect regular updates to this article over the coming week as more are released. Most of the trailers belong to titles due later in 2017 or 2018, while a few have launched in the last week or so -- all of them are on PC.

    By TechSpot Staff on

  • The Steam Machine: What Went Wrong

    2012 was an important year for Valve. The company introduced Big Picture Mode - a Steam interface for the living room holy trinity of big TVs, joypads, and couches - it was also the year Gabe Newell's behemoth revealed the development of a video game console. A year later, Steam Machines were unveiled as "a powerful new category of living room hardware."

    By Rob Thubron on

  • Tips for Playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a battle royale game where players fight to be the last person standing. It can be overwhelming for new players, full of different weapons to choose and smaller mechanics that aren't readily apparent. These tips will help you survive the battle royale and win yourself a glorious chicken dinner.

    By Heather Alexandra on

  • TechSpot Best of Computex 2017

    Computex is the third major show we attend this year, and it looks like it's here to remind us about all the innovation and work happening in the hardcore computing arena. After all, while mainstream PC sales have stagnated, the segment occupied by computer enthusiasts, gamers, and e-sports has continued to flourish. Computex is PC power user haven.

    By Steven Walton on

  • 10 Free Steam Games Worth Playing

    Over the years, Steam has accumulated a number of great games that are free-to-play, and I'm here to tell you which ones you should check out.

    By Patricia Hernandez on

  • How to Merge and Remove Duplicate Contacts in Android

    It's not the worst thing can happen to your smartphone, but if you have a ton of duplicate contacts it can be really inconvenient when you try to communicate with your friends and family, probably sending a message or trying to reach an old number. Let alone trying to dial in with the help of Google's voice assistant. The good news is that these can be easily managed and organized.

    By Ivan Franco on

  • Android Performance Tips and Tweaks

    Android phones have a habit of getting bogged down after 6 to 12 months of use (or do they?). A phone that was once a speed demon starts to feel a bit sluggish. But before you hand over some hard-earned cash for a new smartphone, there are some things that can be done to speed up your phone experience, and some things that do utterly nothing.

    By Tim Schiesser on

  • The 5 Highest Rated Games on Steam Probably Aren't What You Expect

    Of the 100 billion games on Steam, one for every star in the sky, which are the absolute cream of the crop? Which have users rated the highest? To borrow a cliche from The Bad Internet, the answer may surprise you.

    By Nathan Grayson on

  • How to Secure Your Android Phone and Get the Most Out of Smart Lock

    Hackers, malware, thieves, today's Android users are facing more threats than ever before. As such, your device's security has never been more important. Here are some of the best practices for securing your phone, along with a few helpful tips that could make your life easier.

    By Rob Thubron on

  • How to Reboot and Reset Android Devices

    Sometimes things go wrong and knowing how to hard reboot or reset your Android device can come handy. But first, it's best to explain the difference rebooting and resetting. Although the terms may seem similar they are quite different.

    By Erik Orejuela on

  • Useful or Little Known Android Features

    Android powers hundreds of millions of mobile devices worldwide. Its openness has made it a favorite for consumers and developers alike, while its ability to run on all kinds of hardware now makes up the largest installed base of any software platform. Let's kick things off with some convenient features you may not be familiar with to help you get more out of your Android device.

    By Jose Vilches on

  • One of Android's Easter Eggs is a Flappy Bird-style Game

    Need to kill some time off? Google loves Easter eggs and in Android Lollipop it introduced a hidden game within the operating system's settings. The game was a nod to the once popular Flappy Bird that sparked countless clones and reportedly made its developer a ton of money.

    By Jose Vilches on

  • 45 Years Later: Die photos and analysis of the revolutionary 8008 microprocessor

    Intel's groundbreaking 8008 microprocessor was first produced 45 years ago, the ancestor of the x86 processor family that you may be using right now. While the 8008 wasn't the first microprocessor or even the first 8-bit microprocessor, it was truly revolutionary, triggering the microprocessor revolution and leading to the x86 architecture that dominates personal computers today.

    By Ken Shirriff on

  • 5 Ways to Access a Locked Windows Account

    Here are five of the most approachable ways for resetting or recovering your Windows password along with abridged instructions on how to execute them and some alternatives.

    By Julio Franco on

  • AMD Radeon RX 550 + Intel Pentium G4560

    Currently at $80 the RX 550 is not the best value, but given the competitive landscape it's our hope that it'll soon be selling for as little as $60, a price at which it starts making sense, especially when you consider the potential in a $120 combo with the G4560 for an uber-affordable eSports build. That's precisely what we're doing here today.

    By Steven Walton on

  • Ryzen 5 1600X vs. 1600: Which should you buy?

    The Ryzen 5 1600 is an exceptional value. Even compared to more affordable CPUs such as the Core i5-7600K, the new six-core Ryzen chips are a much better buy, regardless of what it is you plan to do with them. Thus let's discuss R5 1600X vs 1600.

    By Steven Walton on

  • SimCity 2000 is the Most Important Game I've Ever Played

    The same game can be different things to different people, with gender, history, age, cultural background and political beliefs working to influence and funnel its messages and meanings for every unique player. At a time as a young kid when things were being decided around me, SimCity gave me some sense of control over my reality.

    By John Robertson on

  • Does Ryzen Perform Better with AMD GPUs?

    Since our initial review we've been looking at Ryzen from a few different angles. But there's a rumor going around that Ryzen's gaming performance is better than we think... if you use a Radeon GPU. Curious to see if there is any truth to the story, we put together a test designed to eliminate GPU bottlenecks and see what happens.

    By Steven Walton on

  • How to Run Android Apps in Google Chrome

    Did you know that you can run Android apps in Google Chrome? This means that all desktop operating systems are supported, including Windows 10, MacOS, Chrome OS, and Linux. App support is hit or miss but if you're up for experimentation, this one is for you.

    By Tim Schiesser on

  • Chrome Tab Management Tips and Extensions

    Tabs revolutionized web browsers many years ago and today they're as essential when getting things done online. But having too many open tabs can be counter-productive. Chrome doesn't have extensive tab management options, but there are handy extensions that can help you get things under control.

    By Jose Vilches on

  • Five Experimental Chrome Settings Worth Enabling

    Similar to the "Labs" section of Gmail, Google has a hidden list of experimental features that you can enable to enhance Chrome. Out of the bunch, we've picked a handful of flags that are safe and yet useful to the average Chrome install.

    By Mark Turner on

  • 5 Great Chrome Extensions You Should Install

    Chrome is three times more popular than its closest rival, Internet Explorer. But if you want to improve the Chrome experience further, you'll need to install some killer extensions. There are hundreds to choose from, but ever wondered what are those 2 or 3 really useful extensions you should be using, here are 5 of the very best.

    By Rob Thubron on

  • How to Remote Access Your Computer with Chrome

    Chrome Remote Desktop can be installed in any machine with a Chrome browser, regardless of the operating system. This brings the possibility of not only accessing your files and programs remotely like in traditional cases, but also the option of running Windows or macOS applications in your ChromeOS device.

    By Erik Orejuela on

  • Customizing Chrome's New Tab page

    Chrome's New Tab page can be rather handy if you frequently visit the same sites and while Google has baked in some basic customization options for those looking to personalize the new tab page and there's plenty more manipulation to be had if you venture into the world of extensions.

    By Shawn Knight on

  • The 8 Best Products From MWC 2017

    Every year the industry's biggest names in mobile gather in Barcelona to show us a glimpse of the devices and innovations that will define the months to come. In no particular order, here's our selection of the most promising and downright cool products we found at MWC 2017.

    By TechSpot Staff on

  • Find Your Motherboard Brand and Model

    There are many reasons why you might need to find your motherboard's brand and model number. Looking to update drivers or the BIOS is most common, but you may also want to check compatibility, discover specs, or look for a replacement. And with OEM PCs and laptops, it's not always as straightforward as checking the box of your motherboard's box.

    By Rob Thubron on

  • Tweaking Windows 10 Privacy Settings

    Several controversial privacy issues have kept many from upgrading to Windows 10, even with the free upgrade offer (still) on the table. While some of the initial uproar may have been overblown, there are some settings worth visiting in this post-Snowden era of heightened concern regarding personal privacy.

    By Shawn Knight on